Central Office Technician II

DepartmentPlant SupervisorOperations M
FLSA StatusNon-Exempt LocationBaggs
DateDecember 24, 2019 Closing Open Until Filled

Position Summary

General duties include but are not limited to installing, maintaining, and testing all types of central office equipment. This position is responsible for clearing troubles and completing customer service orders; installation, maintenance and testing of subscriber carrier systems, special circuits, broadband (DSL) and other associated equipment; and digital cross connect systems; responsible for maintaining fiber optic and responsible for performing routine and complex translations associated with the MetaSwitch 2510 switch and responsible for preventing service degradation and insuring service reliability. This position assists with routine and complex tasks associated with the Telco/customer LAN and computer system. This position also works with IT Department and provides back-up as needed. This position also prepares and places orders for standard and nonstandard telco equipment and supplies, within budgetary authority.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain all digital and analog central office equipment, remote units, and carrier system equipment throughout the telco network. This maintenance is both routine and restorative. Perform routine and complex translations associated with the MetaSwitch soft switch
  • Install, service, and remove central office facilities throughout the telco network as required. Install and maintain subscriber carrier systems, special circuits, and related equipment including voicemail. Perform related duties such as conducting acceptance and lineup tests and installing support structures for power supplies and cable; Complete and submit all related records for central office and plant equipment
  • Repair and provide preventive maintenance on central office equipment including power supply equipment, rectifiers, standby generators, batteries, and distribution panels. Test, maintain, and evaluate performance of all other central office equipment, including customer line equipment, central office switching gear and common equipment, trunks, and billing and traffic metering equipment
  • Coordinate with connecting companies when establishing, maintaining, and removing special service circuits, including SIP Trunks, broadcast circuits, data transmission facilities, and Ethernet Transport Services.
  • Receive, analyze, and clear trouble reports in central office equipment and carrier equipment, and develop a record-keeping system; Record and forward traffic metering usage data and forward all recorded billing data to commercial or accounting departments
  • Maintain fiber optic and Transport and Access systems
  • Place cross-connections needed to establish, modify, or terminate telephone service via cooper, wireless or fiber.
  • Installs new services and equipment for subscribers by installing aerial and buried drop wires, station wires, network interface devices, fiber facilities, fiber remotes and FTTx or Fiber to the Premises equipment such as the ONT (Optical Network Terminal), proper grounding, power supplies, and battery backup equipment. Uses appropriate tools and proper hardware to meet all applicable codes and safety requirements.
  • Perform call screening and routing translation additions and/or changes required to accommodate network, feature, and trunking changes
  • Comply with all RUS specifications, industry standards, safety rules and regulations, and company policies; Use protective equipment and safety practices; Attend and participate in company safety and training meetings
  • Provides customer service by receiving trouble reports and clearing trouble. Completes appropriate reports and records and forwards information to appropriate departments.
  • May assist Outside Plant Technicians with troubleshooting as needed.
  • Prepares and places orders for standard and nonstandard telco equipment and supplies within budgetary authority
  • Maintains inventories and internal controls by tracking and organizing supplies. Maintains files of purchases, vendors, and catalogs to ensure availability of information
  • Installs and maintains key systems (TDM and IP), PBX’s, IP enabled customer equipment, wireless access points, cameras, managed services and other nonregulated equipment.
  • Responsible to communicate location to Supervisor or designated individual.
  • Assists in maintenance of telco computer system
  • Helps to maintain all company IT network operations including routers, firewalls, switches/hubs, access, data backup/ restoration and servers.
  • Assists with customer networking and IT needs.
  • Provides technical support to staff members and assists with correcting local PC problems.
  • Attends various meetings with management, departments, corporate assignments as assigned, and vendors, to ensure technology objectives are met.
  • Performs all other related duties as assigned by management.*

*These tasks do not meet the Americans With Disabilities Act definition of essential job functions and are usually less than 5% of time spent. However, these tasks still constitute important performance aspects of the job.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of telecommunications industry and digital IP switching technology.
  • Knowledge of telecommunications materials, supplies and equipment.
  • Knowledge of company purchasing policies
  • Knowledge of Central Office equipment.
  • Knowledge of computer software, hardware and networking
  • Knowledge of company products and services.
  • Knowledge of company policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of industry regulations.
  • Skill in installing, repairing and maintaining Central Office switching equipment.
  • Skill in operating various office equipment such as; personal computer, various software programs.
  • Skill in using mechanical and electric power tools.
  • Skill in analytical thinking and problem solving.
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as maps, staking sheets, and operating and maintenance instruction manuals.
  • Ability to communicate with co-workers and various business contacts in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as schematics, blueprints and circuit diagrams.
  • Ability to pay close attention to detail.\
  • Ability to work above the ground not to exceed 150 feet.
  • Ability to evaluate, test, and repair sophisticated equipment.
  • Ability to work independently and make sound technical decisions using information at hand.
  • Ability to effectively function as a team player.

Education and/or Experience

Associate’s degree in information technology or similar field or equivalent PLUS specialized training in networking and two years of experience in central office.

Driver’s license with CDL endorsement for the Baggs location only.
State of Wyoming Low Voltage Electrical License

General Information

Physical Requirement 0-24% 25-49% 50-74% 75-100%
Sight, Must be able to see service orders and trouble reports X
Hearing, Must be able to hear well enough to communicate X
Mobility, must be able to move about work site X
Mobility II, must be able to stoop, kneel and crawl X
Lifting, must be able to lift at least 60 pounds X
Dexterity, Must be able to write, tupe and use phone system X


Internet Help Desk 855-866-4436

Dubois Area 307-455-HELP (4357)

Baggs Area 307-383-HELP (4357)

SecureIT 877-373-3320

Total Tech 888-723-4932


Dubois Area307-455-2341

Baggs Area307-383-2150

Toll Free800-877-7699