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Each year DTE selects new images for both the Dubois and Baggs directory covers.

Directory Cover Photo Contest

For several years now Dubois Telephone Exchange has been using local images for our directory covers. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to submit a winning photo. Many of our cover images have been taken by everyday folks who just happened to have a camera handy when the shot presented itself. So remember to take a camera along, just in case, take a couple of shots, just in case and send the images in to the office on time, just in case.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted photos over the years, not only have you provided us with wonderful images but you have also shared a captured moment in time.

Entries Must Be:

  • In color taken in the Dubois Telephone serving area
  • Fit into one or more of the following categories Scenic - Wildlife - Recreation
  • In vertical or portrait orientation only
  • In digital image at the highest resolution possible (Minimum 300 pixels per inch)
  • Maximum of three images (any combination of categories) may be entered per individual
Entries must be received by the first Friday of February each year.

For more information, call:

  • The Dubois Area: 455-2341
  • The Baggs Area: 383-2150
  • Or Toll-free 1-800-877-7699.


  • DTE reserves the right to use the images for print and web publications
  • Usage is not limited to but may include postcards, advertising, and promotion.

Requirements for digital images:

Vertical or portrait orientation - sized approximately 8 in by 11 in. and a minimum of 300 pixels per inch resolution:

Submitted on a CD in two of the following formats & file sizes:

  • .PSD (photoshop) approx. 20mb
  • .tif (tagged image file) format approx. 20 mb
  • .jpg (jpeg compressed) approx. 1.5 to 2.0 mb

All 3 file formats (.PSD, .tif, .jpg) may be submitted for consideration and evaluation.

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Each school year DTE offers scholarships to graduates in the serving areas of Dubois, Crowheart, Baggs and South Baggs.

Scholarship Program

View Scholarship Recipients

The applicant must be a subscriber of DTE or the child or dependent of a subscriber, a graduating high school senior entering their freshman year at an accredited junior college, college or university and have maintained a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher.

The seven scholarships, in the amount of $1,000 each, will be equally divided between first and second semesters. In the event that any of the original recipients becomes ineligible, two alternates will be chosen to receive the scholarship.

Deadline for the applications is April 1st of each year. Applications can be obtained from the High School Counselors or by calling 455-2341 in Dubois or 383-2150 in Baggs to request one be mailed to you.